It’s never too early to start playing the game!

We at Impact crashed the 2012 ICTSI Jungolf Interclub tourney for two reasons:

  • to chat with executive director Jack Imperial about the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines (JGFP) and the current state of Philippine jungolf, and 
  • to get to know six hard-hitting champions in the junior league: Aidric Chan, Arnie Taguines, Bernice Olivares-Ilas, Mia Legaspi, Josh Jorge, and Nicole Abelar.

The photographers and I then spent the rest of the day wondering how we spent our respective childhoods. 😝️

This jungolf assignment also holds a personal record: it involved the most number of interviewees — seven official subjects, nine if I include the parents of two painfully shy jungolfers — within just a 2 1/2-hour period.